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Creation date: 16/03/2004
Last modified: 16/03/2004
Version: 1.0
Category: rexx
Author name: Nico Rizzuto
Email address: mail@rizzuto.it
You can list the VVCR BCS back pointers on a particular volume by calling VVCR and passing it a volume name as follows:

===> vvcr vol=sysres

By passing a data set name as a parameter, you can get the same list and also check whether the data set's catalog is in the volume's VVDS. This can be done from the command line or from a 3.4 list directly, the volume VVDS scanned will be that of the volume where the data set resides.

===> vvcr sys1.parmlib

******************************** End of data set list ******

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