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Creation date: 15/03/2001
Last modified: 18/11/2003
Version: 1.1
Category: rexx
Author name: Norbert Wichering
Email address: Not available
Given a LPALISTxx PARMLIB member and a pair of volumes, the first typically representing the current resident and the second the resident to be used after the next IPL, this exec will compare all the LPA libraries found on the 2 volumes and print out the total amount of estimated storage above and below the 16M line and the modules that are different in size. This information can then be used to determine whether the maintenance just applied can cause the private region to shrink because the total PLPA storage has reached a value which causes the CSA region to be rounded down to the next megabyte boundary. The library SYS1.LPALIB is automatically added to the list provided and included in the computation. System variables are also supported.

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