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LPAR Configuration Model
Creation date: 08/07/2005
Last modified: 08/07/2005
Category: Spreadsheet
Author name: Nico Rizzuto
Email address: nico@rizzuto.it
This is a simple excel spreadsheet which models the machine behaviour as regards to LPAR configuration, acting both as documentation as well as a visual aid in exploring the effects of any planned changes.

Once customized with your particular data, you can quickly and effectively answer questions like the following.
- What would happen if I increased the weigthing of this LPAR ?
- Do I have enough resources to activate all of my defined LPAR's ?
- What is my current Physical to Logical processor ratio ?

All you need to do is enter your configuration, most of the fields contain comments to clarify their meaning. If asked for a password, just hit enter.

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