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Creation date: 10/07/2004
Last modified: 10/07/2004
Version: 1.0 2.1
Category: rexx/ispf
Author name: Nico Rizzuto
Email address: nico@rizzuto.it

The tool can clone partitioned, sequential and VSAM data sets as well as PDSE libraries and HFS files.

Type the name you have given to the tool against any library you want to clone.

Command - Enter "/" to select action
clone SYS3.MYDSN
***************************** End of Data Set List ************

All source data set characteristics are read and displayed and can still be changed before the actual cloning takes place.
Copy data ? (Y/N) _
Where applicable it is possible to specify whether the content of the data set should be copied or only a new data set with the same characteristic should be allocate. In the first case, the new data set is allocated dynamically and the content is copied via a batch job. In the second case only the dynamic allocation is performed. For some dataset types (HFS), new allocation parameters are only honoured if Copy data is set to N, otherwise an ADRDSSU copy is performed and the target file takes the source target allocation.
Purge existing Dataset ? (Y/N) _
It is also possible to specify how the tool is to proceed if a target data set with the same name is already catalogued. If is specified, no cloning takes place and the panel is redisplayed notify of the existance of a target dataset with the same name; if Y is specified the existing target data set is deleted and processing can continue.

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