Further information

Creation date: 19/11/2001
Last modified: 30/05/2002
Version: 2.1
Category: rexx
Author name: Nico Rizzuto
Email address: nico@rizzuto.it
ISPF based Enhanced Racf Facility to make most security tasks simple. It lists user, group, data set and general resource profiles through a user-friendly interface allowing you to modify most fields on-line. You can connect groups to users or add new permits and even search user authorizations in a given class and display the group through which the authorization is granted. It includes a customizable rexx exec to automate the creation of aliases or data sets when creating a new TSO user. With this new version you can also browse all RACF options from within the tool. *** Important *** Some new development is currently undergoing and the old code is being reviewed and improved. The new version is available at the following link: https://github.com/lbdyck/racfadm

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