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Creation date: 04/12/2003
Last modified: 23/08/2008
Category: ASM
Author name: Nico Rizzuto
Email address: nico@rizzuto.it
This is an adapted version of the IBM program CALLRTM, used to abend a hung task. In this version the pre-determined TCB and ASID numbers can be passed through the JCL PARM.

When GRS contention is involved, the D GRS,C command can be used to identify the ASIDNUM and TCBADDR. Sample output from the D GRS,C command is as follows:

S=SYSTEMS ...resource name
PROD *MASTER* 0001 006F8448 EXCLUSIVE<- own
SYSA *MASTER* 0001 0074A070 EXCLUSIVE<- wait

When a job is hung in memory termination due to a wait under IEAVTMTR, this program can be run from an APF authorized library to inject an abend against the CSECT which is hung by targetting the IEAVTMTR task that is waiting in ASID 1. RTM recursion logic will handle the abend and give control to the next resource manager in the list.

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