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Creation date: 10/04/2003
Last modified: 10/04/2003
Version: 1.0
Category: Rexx
Author name: N. Rizzuto
Email address: nico@rizzuto.it
BPXCRHFS is an improved version of the IBM SAMPLIB rexx execs BPXISYSR and BPXISYSS. It was originally written during the implementation of HFS sharing because the IBM-provided execs were not flexible enough to be applied to an existing configuration in which the minimal start configuration (mini-root) is already separate from the more system-specific HFS root file. Apart from a general re-writing of the code to make it easier to follow, the main addition is the possibility to pass to it the directories, permission bits and symbolic links to be created instead of having them buried somewhere in the exec. With this exec you can create an HFS file and initialize it with the directories and symbolic links that will be needed once the file is in use. It can also be used if you you need to create and initialize an HFS file which is meant, for example, for a different system from that on which the exec is executed.

The two DD statements used as input are:

INDIR [ directory permission_bits ]
specifies the directories to be created and their permissions

INSYM [ symbol actual_directory_or_file ]
specifies the symbolic links to be created

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