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Creation date: 27/10/2008
Last modified: 27/10/2008
Version: 1.0
Category: rexxr
Author name: Vinh Vu
Email address: N/A
This download contains two different programs to be called in batch mode. The first one, $dupmem, lists duplicate members in two or more library showing the order in which they are loaded by MVS

==> Checking duplicate members in libraries.
==> Library: HLQ.UTIL.LOAD on vol: *ctlg*
Reading HLQ.UTIL.LOAD on *ctlg*. Data set # 1.
HLQ.UTIL.LOAD was cataloged on VOL006.
Number of members: 98.

The second one, $dupmod, does the same for linklist and LPA list.

==> Processing LNKLST data sets.
==> Processing SYS3.MY.LINKLIB1. Data set # 1.
==> Number of members: 160.
==> Processing SYS1.MY.LINKLIB2. Data set # 2.
==> Number of members: 0.

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