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Publisher Author Description
MVS systems programming - buy it toExcel D. Elder-Vass Good reference book, although quite outdated. This is in fact a re-print of the original, pre-OS390 book.
MVS & UNIX - buy it McGraw-Hill R. J. Bambara Great book if you have no previous UNIX knowledge and you are an MVS systems programmer or viceversa. Throughout the book the two operating systems are compared to each other so as to allow the expert of one of the system to understand how the other handles the same concept.
DB2 developer's guide - buy it SAMS Craig S. Mullins By far the best book I have ever bought. Whether you are a DB2 expert or just want to broaden your knowledge, a systems programmer or a programmer, this book containes an enourmous amount of data which is beautifully presented.
Advanced assembler - buy it Wiley C. Cannatello An excellent choice if you can already program in assembler and want to know more about how to exploit your knowledge to interact with the operating system. Not suitable for beginners.
MVS assembler language - buy it Murach K. McQUillen & Anne Prince A little out of date, but clear and well layed out. It is suitable for beginners, but it goes well beyond the usual small exercises and concentrates more on the kind of routines that a systems programmer may found useful.
Java script in 24 hours Sams Michael G. Moncur Worth buying, this book is equally suitable for beginners as well as more experienced users. The material is presented in such a way that each part is self contained and more in-depth issues are tackled as the reader moves to the following part. It is therefore possibile to gain enough knowledge for the task at hand just by reading part of the book while more experienced users can skip directly to the trickiest topics.
Security MacMillan Greg Shipley Interesting book, packed with information on security related topics, but also on TCP/IP and more. There is a definite bias towards the non-mainframe world, but it is definitely very useful for MVS systems programmers too. Also available as a free electronic copy.
Web Security & Commerce O' Reilly Simson Garfinkel Interesting book written for Web security, but which can be useful for anybody working with security in general. It describes the risks attached to the use of internet and all the different types of known attacks exploiting loose server policies or the possibilities offered by Java, ActiveX, CGI scripts etc. It explains and demistifies Digital Certificates, Cryptography and SSL and clearly illustrates some of the legal issues related to the Web.
MVS Answer book Wiley-QED David J. Sacks Outdated but still useful, this book covers several topics explaining concepts in an easy and practical way.Not a book for beginners, it can be used to gather information on the pro and cons of a particular MVS configuration or gain immediate general understanding of important large-systems topics.

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